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Download VS Chira – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ set in a classic cartoon style. In this MOD we can find a new character, Chira, who escapes from her habitat to turn those around her into a 1920s caricature.

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As for the musical part, we can find 3 new songs for this full week. Personally, the second song, where the piano is highlighted as the main instrument, is the most interesting because it matches more subtly with the style of the whole MOD, set as in the classic drawings of the early twentieth century.

The art style is great and I had a lot of fun with the speed changes, which add an extra layer of fun. Of note is the simplicity of the gimmick and the speed of the scrolling, which matches the overall Old Cartoon Style black and white design, which may satisfy the more classic gamers. Finally, it is worth mentioning the new poses for BF and GF as well as the customized arrows in the same dark and smooth style as the rest of the environment.

Overall we can determine that this is a MOD with its own style that offers a fun graphic design and an intermediate level difficulty offering a good balance between gameplay and aesthetics.

New features of VS Chira FNF MOD

  • 1 Full Week
  • 3 unreleased songs
  • 1 original character
  • Custom arrows
  • New stances for BF and GF
  • Scrolling speed changes in the middle of the song

Download VS Chira for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD versions

  • v1.0 – Full Week