FNF VS Cassette Girl MOD – Play Online & Download

Download FNF VS Cassette Girl – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new character in which we will find a girl with a Cassette cap. We are facing a MOD that offers a high level of quality, which stands out for the elaborate design of his character and for having songs that sound really good.

VS Cassete Girl

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VS Cassette Girl offers us three new songs and two extra songs that we will access through the Freeplay mode of the menu. The songs in VS Cassette Girl have a varied rhythm, being mostly animated songs that stand out for the vocals that have been added for the main character. If we talk about the difficulty level, it is not one of the most difficult MODS, standing out for other features such as its good sound quality.

Graphically, FNF VS Cassette Girl offers us a new design for Cassete girl, who is always smoking, and is dressed in a loose clothing style with violet tones. These tones combine perfectly with the rest of the stage, since the background also offers lights of that color. In the custom background we will find numerous spectators, as the battle between this girl with a Cassete cap and BF is worth watching. It is worth noting that this MOD offers a new design for the really cool menu, as it is an animated design in which we see Cassete Girl smoking and fixing her cap with a screwdriver.

New features in VS Cassette Girl FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • 3 New Songs
  • 2 Bonus Songs
  • New Character (Cassete Girl)
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Animated Menu

Download VS Cassette Girl for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK