Play FNF VS Bob 2.0 Unblocked Online (Bob’s Onslaught)

With Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bob 2.0 Unblocked (Bob’s Onslaught Update) you can play online the new update of one of the most famous MODs of FNF, which includes new characters and unreleased songs. VS Bob 2.0 Unblocked is one of the funniest and funniest MODs that have appeared in recent months, besides being known also for its difficult but well-designed charts.

VS Bob 2.0 Unblocked (Bob's Onslaught)

VS Bob’s Onslaught is a direct parody to all other FNF MODs and the whole scene in general. The MOD is filled with jokes of all kinds (from a fart button to hidden references throughout the MOD). It is overall one of the best parody MODs focused on making the player laugh, so it is recommended to try it out and try to catch some of the references.

Play VS BOB’s Onslaught Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

You can play the online version of VS Bob 2.0 Unblocked from FNFunkin using your web browser. If you want to download the MOD on your PC, you can do so from the link below.

Link – Download VS BOB 2.0

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