FNF VS Big Man MOD [Fanmade Song] – Download

Download FNF VS Big Man – New fanmade MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ inspired by the well-known MOD that came out recently called Little Man 2. We will encounter an epic rap battle between a mini BF and the giant man, who has been angered by BF’s joke (which has been constantly repeating the same phrase for a while). Get ready to face the wrath of the huge muscular man!


VS Big Man FNF features a new zoom-heavy song that’s a real hoot. Inspired by the well-known MOD we mentioned, this is a song that offers a high level of difficulty, as we face a really angry character. In this song the arrows will go at full speed, and we will also have black arrows that we can not press, so we will find ourselves facing a challenge.

As for the graphics of VS Big Man, we can say that it is not something that stands out especially. We will not see a worked background, since most of the song is in zoom. The stage is inspired by the blue tones of Little Man 2. However, the character design is quite good and we will also have the appearance of Tricky at the end of the song. It also has cutscenes that give us information about the story. This is a MOD that stands out mainly for its story and for the great difficulty offered by the song in this demo version. For this reason alone, it is worth trying it.

New Features of VS Big Man FNF MOD

  • New song
  • New character.
  • Arrows with special functions.
  • Cutscenes with dialogues.
  • Special effects and zoom.

Download VS Big Man for Friday Night Funkin

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Latest MOD updates

  • v0.1 – DEMO