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In VS Beat – Arrowless Mania we find a rather peculiar situation in which BF after a rap battle has lost his arrows against an evil opponent. With this huge disadvantage BF can not cope with his opponent and ends up being humiliated. Faced with this defeat BF finds a poster where there is information that could help them, thanks to this they contact Beat, a character who will strive to teach BF again to sing without arrows.


vs beat arrowless mania

In this particular MOD VS Beat – Arrowless Mania we will have to learn to repeat the patterns indicated by the character Beat in order to learn to mark the arrows correctly and thus recover the arrows stolen from BF. In this case we do not find songs to the use if not patterns and simple combinations that are complicated as the “class” progresses. As for the visual aspect, it is a simple MOD, with the element of invisible arrows as the most striking factor. These arrows only light up when we repeat the patterns indicated by Beat.

In general, we can determine that both the songs and the visual aspects are not excessively complex. But it is original the story described and how the patterns and combinations to perform blindly are the way to overcome the MOD.

New features of VS Beat – Arrowless Mania FNF MOD

  • New character “Beat”
  • New style of replay charts
  • Cinematics and dialogues with Beat
  • Color animation for invisible arrows
  • Colored animation for invisible arrows

Download VS Beat – Arrowless Mania for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week