Play Spooky’s Serenade Unblocked Online Jump Scare Mansion

With Spooky’s Serenade Unblocked (Jump Scare Mansion) you will be able to play online from the browser a new MOD of Friday Night Funkin’ that includes different characters from JSM (Jump Scare Mansion) along different new weeks for the game. In this new MOD the weeks are classified by rooms, as a reference to the game in which it is inspired to bring the different characters to the world of FNF. It is a Spooky/Scary themed MOD that follows the line of the popular releases of the last days. It’s still in DEMO phase, but it’s already worth playing, as it already has some pretty quality content.

Download Spooky’s Serenade for PC

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Play Spooky’s Serenade Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

You canplay Spooky’s Serenade Unblocked online from FNFunkin. You can also download the MOD on your PC from the link below. In FNF Jump Scare Mansion there are currently 3 songs included, which will become 16 once the full version is released (for which a concrete release date is not yet known).

Spooky's Serenade Unblocked