FNF Soul Knight Funkin’ MOD Unblocked – Download & Play

Download FNF Soul Knight Funkin’ – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes three new characters from the galaxy. They are an angry galactic knight, a plant, and an alien, which are determined to face BF in a rap battle. It is a MOD that stands out for the original idea of its new characters.

Soul Knight Funkin' FNF MOD

Soul Knight Funkin’ FNF features 3 new songs which are remixes of original FNF songs. They are songs with a medium/high difficulty level, being the last two the most complicated to overcome. During the songs we can see the protagonists moving to the rhythm of the music, of which special mention must be made to the furious knight of the second song, which dances while moving the sword.

As for the graphics of Soul Knight Funkin’, we can say that this MOD is the one that stands out the most. It has new custom backgrounds throughout each song (The background of the third song offers animations). It also offers a very curious character design. This time we will have dialogues, and also a new chroma for the third character, whose skin evolves in the middle of the song.

New features of Soul Knight Funkin’ FNF MOD

  • New week.
    • 3 New remixes.
  • 3 New characters.
  • Skin of one of the characters.
  • New backgorunds.
  • Dialogues.

Download Soul Knight Funkin’ for Friday Night Funkin

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Play Soul Knight Funkin’ Unblocked Online (FNF)

From FNFunkin you can also play Soul Knight Funkin’ Unblocked online from the browser, without downloading the MOD on your PC.

Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK