Play VS Slaughter Me Steet Unblocked Online FULL WEEK

In Slaughter Me Funkin’ Unblocked you will be able to play online from the browser a special crossover between Friday Night Funkin’ and Slaughter Me Street, which includes a total of 3 new characters in the game. In this new MOD, BF will face along 3 new songs in combined songs against the other 3 characters. If you make it to the third song you will be able to face the special fusion of the three, much more powerful and peculiar than the individual characters.

Download VS Slaughter Me Funkin’ for PC

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Play VS Slaughter Me Funkin’ Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

You can play FNF VS Slaughter Me Funkin’ Unblocked Online from FNFunkin. You can also download the MOD on your PC from the link. It is a rather peculiar MOD, especially for its characters and its characteristic songs (which have also been inspired by the original SMS game). Perhaps it lacks some work, since it doesn’t have a “story” per se, but it’s an element that many players don’t even take into account when evaluating a MOD, at least not most of them.
Slaughter Me Funkin' Unblocked