FNF Sky VS Ski (SkyBlue VS Ski UPDATE) – Download MOD

Download Sky VS Ski – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new character called Ski, it is a small version of Sky (The Fangirl of BF). In the MOD we will find a story that tells us how Sky wants Ski to help her in her purpose of unseating GF, but this does not have the same intentions. We are facing a MOD that offers two songs which are a cover of songs we already know and offer us a quite difficult musical battle between the two versions of Sky. In addition, we will have custom vocals for both protagonists, custom background, cutscenes with dialogue, and a Game Over animation that looks pretty good.

SkyBlue VS Ski

The new Skyblue VS Ski update of the MOD includes two new covers in which some of the songs are interpreted by Skyblue and Ski. In addition, we will have a new story told through the cinematics with dialogues. This is a very funny update in which we will see how Ski becomes hyperactive after having a coffee at Mcdonals while Skyblue ate some hamburgers. We will also have a new design for the blue Sky that looks pretty good and a custom background for the scene.

Download FNF Skyblue VS Ski for Friday Night Funkin’

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New features of Sky VS Ski FNF MOD

  • New Character
  • 2 New Covers
  • Custom Background
  • Cutscenes with Dialogs
  • Game Over Animation

Latest MOD Updates

  • v2.0