Sarv-odila FNF MOD (Playable Sarv & Ruv) – Download

Sarv-Odila (playable Sarv & Ruv) is an expansion of Mid-Fight Masses for Friday Night Funkin’, which allows us to play as Sarv and Ruv (characters of the MOD) as main characters, even facing each other. In order to enjoy the content of this MOD, you will first need to download and install the main MOD: Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses.

Sarv-odila FNF MOD

This MOD doesn’t add much more content beyond the skins of Sarv and Ruv as main characters. It includes a small rechart of the zavovilla song on the hardest level, to give a touch more complication to one of the best FNF MODs we have been able to enjoy to date.

The MOD is available in 2 different versions, one to be able to play as Sarv, and one for Ruv. You will have to install the one you want to play (they cannot be played simultaneously) in the Mid-Fight Masses file folder.

Download Sarv-Odila Expansion for Friday Night Funkin’

Choose the version you want to download (or download both, but remember that you can only play them separately).
Link – Download Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses

Playable Sarv Link – Download

Link Playable Ruv – Download

How to install Sarv-Odila on Friday Night Funkin

You will need to follow the same process as you would for installing any other MOD, but install the files in the Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses MOD folder. You will have to replace all those files that previously existed in the folder.