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Download FNF Ok Friday (CG5 Edition) – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a week with a new character inspired by the singer Charlie Green (CG5) and his songs. This is a very cute MOD aesthetically that stands out for having different versions of the famous song “Ok Friday” of the singer and songwriter from Arizona.

Ok Friday (CG5 Edition) MOD FNF

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The Ok Friday (CG5 Edition) FNF weekcontains 3 new songs with the tunes of CG5 music featuring remixes of Ok Friday. Halfway through the first song the music starts to have a more upbeat rhythm and Pico will appear to accompany the new character.

Graphically, FNF Ok Friday (CG5 Edition) offers us a really nice design, we will have different animated backgrounds in which appears a new skin of GF, which we will see as a DJ in the recording studio of CG5. In the second song we will have a new background that alludes to the background of the WEEK 4 of the FNF, and finally, we will find the scene of a theater full of people in which the last battle between BF and Charlie takes place. This is an elaborate MOD that will undoubtedly win over all the singer’s fans.

New Features of Ok Friday (CG5 Edition) FNF MOD

  • New week.
    • 3 New songs.
    • New remixes.
  • New character (CG5)
  • New GF skin.
  • Custom animated backgrounds.

Download Ok Friday (CG5 Edition) for Friday Night Funkin

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK