FNF Moonlight (Friday Night Funkin’ MOD) – Download

Friday Night Funkin’ Moonlight is a MOD for FNF that is currently under development (WIP) and promises a lot. It was officially announced during the Funkin’ Forward event, and is planned to be released for download in the coming weeks.

FNF Moonlight

In the official trailer of FNF Moonlight we have already been able to make clear that this MOD is destined to become a banger in the community. These are the confirmed details for its content in the first release:

  • 12 songs in total! – 4 of them belonging to the official week, and another 8 available in Freeplay mode.
  • The first official week of FNF Moonlight will pit us against Clips.
  • There will be numerous additional characters and cameos for the 8 Freeplay bonus songs.

Anyway, this is only the content that will be available initially, as it has also been officially announced that the MOD has up to 5 full weeks under development (probably some of them will bring out characters from Freeplay’s own Cameos).

Download Friday Night Funkin’: Monlight

The MOD is still in its WIP phase, and no downloadable DEMO version has been released yet. As soon as it becomes available, we will update the page to add the download link.

FNF Moonlight Trailer (Video)

Here you can watch the official trailer that we could see during the F3 event. In it you can take a look at different unpublished images of what will be this fantastic MOD.