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In Friday Night Madness VS Tricky, Jebus & ScrapeFace we find a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will have the opportunity to perform a series of confrontations with different characters from the Madness Combat series (an aspect that I personally consider that brings a very distinctive touch to this type of MODs). Specifically, the developers of this fantastic MOD present us with two complete weeks, a first week with two songs and a second week with a total of five songs. The confrontations occur between different characters, all from the Madness Combat universe and of course in the same classic line of graphic violence.

Friday Night Madness Combat

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this MOD is still a DEMO, but not just any DEMO but one with a lot of content and also of great quality. We can see in the first place that there are several characters that we have to face progressively. In the first two songs, included in the week VS Jebus, we can see the first confrontation of a high difficulty level and an incredible aesthetic in the style of Madness Combat. In the next 5 songs we find a curiosity and is that it will not be BF who will face Scrapeface as we will have the possibility to choose who we want to fight, within the possibilities are the characters Hank and Pico which will be prepared to fight against him. In all the confrontations we enjoy songs of a very specific style with an overwhelming speed and a very high rhythm of arrows, no doubt we face a challenge of concentration and coordination to overcome this MOD in the highest difficulty mode.

Finally, as for the graphical aspect of the MOD, all the artistic line is quite faithful to the original video game. The quality is very high and both the backgrounds and the characters are very well done. In addition, we can enjoy animation for arrows, on one side will appear arrows in gray as a forbidden symbol that we must avoid pressing and on the other we find customized yellow arrows in the shape of lightning and with a decorative washer at the top. These small aesthetic details can be seen throughout the MOD, as the original voices of the characters and skins like “Infected Jebus“. Finally, mention that the confrontation against Tricky is not yet available in the DEMO, but the developers have communicated that it will be in the final version as another of the unlockable characters.

New features of VS Friday Night Madness FNF MOD

  • Scripted animated scenes
  • 5 new songs
  • 2 Enemies to face off against (Jebus, Beta Tricky and Scrapeface)
  • Skin Infected Jebus
  • Hank and Pico’s appearance
  • Hank, Pico and BF voices
  • Animations for the arrows
  • Unreleased background

Download Friday Night Madness – VS Scrapeface, Tricky and Jebus

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week