FNF Madness Night – Download MOD & Jugar Online

In Madness Night we find a new confrontation of the popular series Madness Combat. This time they bring us a full week with three unreleased songs to date in which we can play against the character Tricky in the tutorial and against Grunt Agent in the main week.


As for the songs introduced in the new week we can highlight that they are three confrontations of moderate difficulty, but with good melodies and atmosphere. They also introduce certain aspects of sound as the shot of the first animated scene that forms a good scenario of tension to start the confrontation. It should be noted that the developers have already warned that they are not going to stop here if not they intend to release another two full weeks to make Madness Night one of the great MODs of FNF.

In the graphical aspect of Madness Night we can highlight that it is a fairly complete MOD as we have three songs with various animation scenes that introduce the confrontation and give development to the artistic part of the MOD in general. We can conclude that this is a fairly high quality graphics, with details throughout all confrontations that give this installment a fairly high level of quality.

New Features of FNF Madness Night FNF MOD

  • Complete new week
  • 3 unreleased songs
  • 2 new characters Tricky and Grunt Agent
  • New features

Download FNF Madness Night for Friday Night Funkin’

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Play Madness Night Unblocked (FNF) Online

From FNFunkin you can also play Madness Night Unblocked online from the browser, without downloading the MOD on your PC.

Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week