FNF Mad Virus Attack (VS 8-bit) FULL WEEK – Download MOD

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Mad Virus Attack (VS 8-bit) FNF MOD – New release for FNF in which we will fight a musical battle in a quite original environment, a world of 8Bits. Our rivals are retro consoles with different aspects that we will have to face in a musical battle with selectable difficulty levels.

VS Mad Virus Attack

The MOD offers 3 new songs with a Techno music style from the 80’s and 90’s. In addition, it offers a scenario with very well worked graphic elements, with custom arrows with retro style, skins for BF and GF and scenes with dialogues. vs Mad Virus Attack

We are facing a MOD with a quite well worked content, inspired by an original concept, which stands out especially for its careful graphic design, as it even includes a new design for the game options section.

New features of FNF Mad Virus Attack (VS 8-bit) FNF MOD

  • New week.
  • 3 New songs.
  • 3 Difficulty modes.
  • Setting in a world of 8 Bits.
  • Custom Arrows.
  • Scenery with retro touches.
  • Skins for the characters.
  • Personalized menu.

Download FNF Mad Virus Attack (VS 8-bit) for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v.0.1