Hololive Funkin’ FULL WEEKs (Holofunk FNF MOD) – Download

Holololive Funkin’ (Week 4 Update: Coco) is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ which includes the story of Aloe and Fubuki, two Vtubers who want to reach fame singing against other star Hololive VTubers. The MOD has just been updated, with the new week 4 as the main new feature, but there are many other new features that we will mention later.

HoloLive Funkin' FNF MOD

HoloFunk, or HoloLive Funkin’, is a MOD that introduces different HoloLive Vtubers as Friday Night Funkin’ opponents, including full weeks for each of them. These new weeks, which currently go for 4 in total, has new totally original songs that are accompanied by quality charts that offer a very fun gameplay in combination with the music and vocals of the different characters.

This MOD stands out especially for the quality of the new skins included, which is at a very high level, and rarely will you see more elaborate skins in a FNF MOD. In addition, in the new update not only a new week has been included, but also different details of the previous weeks that were already available have been improved.

HoloLive Funkin' Week 4 VS Coco
HoloLive Funkin’ Week 4 VS Coco

HoloLive Funkin’ Week 4 Update offers more than 10 new songs in total, and is available in two different versions: Aloe and Fubuki. The only thing that changes between the two versions is the protagonist who will replace BF. The Fubuki version is another new feature of the latest update.

Fubuki HoloLive Funkin

If this MOD was already quite popular in the FNF scene, this update is definitely a great step to keep increasing its popularity and get more players interested in its development. I recommend it 100%, and I hope we will have new updates soon.

New features of VS Conner FNF MOD

  • 4 new weeks for the game
  • Many new characters with a large amount of design.
  • Many new characters with a large amount of design.
  • Many new original songs with custom charts.
  • New Aloe and Fubuki skins.

Latest VS Conner MOD updates

  • v4.0 – New VS Coco week.

Download VS Conner for Friday Night Funkin’

Link Aloe Version – Download

Link Fubuki Version – Download