FNF GF VS Pico Angry MOD – Play Online & Download

Download FNF GF VS Pico Angry – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a song in which we will attend a heated battle between GF and Pico, of which we do not know the reason but we can see GF with open arms trying to protect a character who is very scared. Who will it be? For his part, Pico has an angry face and carries his gun with him.  We are in front of a simple MOD but with a good premise that offers us a scene that is pretty good, also musically the song is lively and the vocals of GF and Pico merge well with the melody. As for the difficulty level, we will have a medium level acequible for FNF players. This is a MOD worth trying if we want to watch this fight and try to find out who is the mysterious character GF is trying to defend.

GF VS Pico Angry MOD

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Download FNF GF VS Pico Angry for Friday Night Funkin’

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New Features of GF VS Pico Angry Angry FNF MOD

  • New week
  • New characters: Pico and GF
  • New song
  • Custom Background

Latest MOD Updates

  • v1.0