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Download FNF Funkin’ Tale – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes 3 new characters based on the video game Undertale. This is a MOD that is still in its DEMO version, which stands out for being based on the Undertale universe (including remixes of the game’s music), in addition to offering a fun character design.

Funkin Tale fnf mod

Funkin Tale FNF features 2 new songs, plus a bonus song that can be accessed in Freeplay mode. These songs include remixes of songs from the video game on which the MOD is based, Undertale. We have a fairly affordable difficulty level for regular players of FNF, being the bonus song the most complicated song.

As for the graphics of Funkin Tale, we have three new characters based on the game, plus a custom background, custom home screen, and custom menu. This is the DEMO version of this MOD whose special feature is to have characters like Flowey and Toriel. In future updates it is possible that more characters and new songs with music from Undertale will be included.

New Features of Funkin’ Tale FNF MOD

  • New week.
    • 2 New songs.
    • Bonus song.
  • New characters (Flowey, Toriel and Napstablook)
  • New custom background.
  • New custom background.
  • Customized menu and home screen.

Download for Funkin’ Tale Friday Night Funkin

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Play Funkin Tale Unblocked (FNF) Online

From FNFunkin you can also play Unblocked online from the browser, without downloading the MOD on your PC.

Latest MOD updates

  • v0.1 – DEMO