FNF Boyfriend Soundfont 2.0 – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Boyfriend Soundfont is a new resource for developers of MODs and music for FNF, as it allows us to enjoy the original voice of BF to use it in our creations to our liking. With this new resource it will be easier for everyone to create BF voices for FNF MODs developers.

Bopyfriend Soundfont

It should be noted that the original BF note range goes from C3 to F#5, so exceeding those notes will cause the voice to no longer be identical to the original. This is certainly a feature that many users in the community will appreciate, especially beginners (me, for example).

New features of FNF Boyfriend Soundfont

  • New BF soundfont.

Latest updates to FNF Boyfriend Soundfont

  • v2.0 – Loop.

Download FNF Boyfriend Soundfont

Link – Download