Friday Night Funkin’ Fanworks – Download (+10 Songs Pack)

Friday Night Funkin’ Fanworks is a new tool for FNF with which we will be able to access numerous famous songs of the game in a single installation, containing the original characters of each of them. It is, so to speak, a MODs Pack for FNF that includes some some some of the most mythical MODs songs of the last months.

FNF Fanworks

Although it doesn’t contain many songs (between 10 and 15), the truth is that the base of FNF Fanworks has already been established, and the result is quite encouraging. One of the details I like the most is the new song selection menu (since this MOD includes songs, not complete MODs), where you can see your best scores and the estimated difficulty of each song.

Songs included in Friday Night Funkin’ Fanworks

As we mentioned, it still doesn’t have a large selection of songs, but little by little new ones will be added (also, you can add them on your own using a tool that comes included). Here is the list of the songs included for now, and the MODs they come from:

Fanworks Menu

  • UGH (week 7!)
  • Eruption
  • Shaggy Sings Overflow
  • Flower
  • Garden Havoc
  • Night of Fire
  • Night of Nights
  • Sans Fight
  • Targets
  • Traition
  • U.N. Owen was her
  • Megalovania
  • Targets
  • Megalovania
  • Bad apple
  • Squid Melody
  • Among US VS Aomgus
  • Among Us Vs Tricky

This MOD focuses on compiling truly difficult songs that will provide a real challenge to more experienced FNF players.

What other best ones does FNF Fanworks include in the game?

FNF Fanworks also contains some improvements to the game, and the odd tool, which are summarized as follows:

  • Customizable keys to the maximum from a custom menu
  • New feature to add new songs and characters to the roster.
  • Improved overall game performance.
  • Numerous modifiers to apply to songs and offer more variety in gameplay.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Fanworks for PC (v1.3)

In the version you can download from FNFunkin comes included the song VS Tankman (UGH) in the MOD playlist.

Link – Download