Play EX GF Over MOM Unblocked FNF MOD Online – Friday Night Funkin’

EX GF Over MOM Unblocked allows us to play online a MOD of Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) that replaces the MOM character with an old ex-girlfriend of the game’s main character. EX GF Over MOM not only includes a new skin (and opponent) for the game, as it also adds a completely unreleased new song, which we will be able to play during MOM week.

EX GF Unblocked

Despite not having as much content as other famous MODs, EX GF Over MOM has been one of the most downloaded MODs in recent months. The best thing about this MOD is undoubtedly the new Skin it includes, as the new song could be improved quite a bit with a quality rechart.

Play EX-GF Over MOM Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

You can try EX GF Over MOM with the Unblocked version below. You can also download this MOD to have it always saved on your PC from the following link.

Link – Download EX-GF Over MOM

(Click on the game to load) (Assets may take a while to load at first).

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