FNF X DDLC FULL WEEK – Download MOD (Doki Doki Literature Club)

Friday Night Funkin’ X DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club) is a new MOD for FNF which includes Monika, Natsuki, Sayori and Yuri in a new full week for the game. It should be emphasized that the dialogues included in the MOD contain spoilers about the original game, so if you play it you have to keep that detail in mind and do so at your own risk.


In this new DDLC MOD for FNF (not the first, as we all know the popular VS Monika) we can enjoy 4 new fights, one against each of the opponents included in the MOD. The design of the characters is not spectacular, but it sticks to the original characteristics of each of them based on the original game.

The MOD is full of numerous dialogues between songs that, as we have already mentioned, contain relevant information about the original story, so be careful if you do not want to see spoilers. The most innovative detail of the MOD is its last confrontation, in which the perspective of the battle is changed to first person, having in front of us only our final rival, Monika.

Overall, it is a MOD recommended only for those who are fans of DDLC, as others will not find great interest in it, and have many better options today. If you are a fan and can follow the story told in the dialogues, then this MOD is perfect for you.

New features of FNF X DDLC MOD

  • 4 new songs
  • 4 new characters: Monika, Natsuki, Sayori and Yuri.
  • New backgrounds and dialogues.
  • Some easter eggs and special cinematics.

Download FNF X DDLC for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest updates for FNF X DDLC

  • v1.0 – First Full Week release.