Play FNF The Date Week (Whitty & Carol) Unblocked Online

With Friday Night Funkin’ The Date WEEK (Whitty & Carol) Unblocked you can play online from the browser to a new week in which Whitty and Carol will have a date. It’s one of the most interesting MODs in recent months, and it’s been in development for a long time now, so you should check it out.

FNF The Date (Whitty & Carol) Unblocked

In FNF The Date Unblocked you will be able to enjoy 3 new songs, each one being part of the date between the two protagonists of the MOD. The songs, which are in DUO between Whitty and Carol, are full of characters and cameos that appear in the background, which you can easily recognize. The MOD has different endings depending on difficulty, and features several interesting Easter Eggs throughout its week.

Play FNF The Date (Whitty & Carol) Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

You canplay FNF The Date (Whitty & Carol) Unblocked online from FNFunkin. You can also download the MOD from the following link to play it on PC.

Download FNF The Date (Whitty & Carol)

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