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Download FNF Crystal 2.0 Remixes – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ ideal for those who have enjoyed remix MODS like NEO, B-Side, and all those who transform the weeks of FNF in a real festival of skins and new musical rhythms. We’re looking at a MOD that does all that, including a new style for the designs called Crystal.

Crystal Remixes FNF MOD

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Crystal 2.0 Remixes offers us nothing more and nothing less than 23 new remixes, which include new content for every week of FNF. In these songs we will find all the characters that appear in the original weeks as Daddy Dearest, Mummy Mearest, Pico, Skid & Pump, Monster, Senpai, and even Tankman, in addition to extra remixes in Freeplay mode. We will find new crystallized style designs that look really good. In addition, the remixes include a high level of difficulty and a quality that is not far behind.

Graphically, FNF Crystal 2.0 Remixes offers us incredible skins for all the main characters of Friday Night Funkin, highlighting the skins of BF, Daddy and Pico. Of course, it also includes new designs for the background, for the speaker (which we will see made crystal), and new design for the arrows. This remastered version of the game will allow us to enjoy different and colorful games, without losing the essence of the original game. This is a MOD that has not been talked about much in its first version, but this new version 2.0 has culminated with the great work of its creators, so it is worth trying it.

New features of Crystal 2.0 Remixes FNF MOD

  • New remaster
  • 23 New remixes
  • Crystal style skins
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom home screen
  • New design for arrows

Download Crystal 2.0 Remixes for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v2.0 – FULL WEEK