FNF VS Bad Luck QT – Play Online & Download (PC)

In Bad Luck QT we can find a new version made by Fans of the popular MOD for FNF VS QT. This time BF and GF meet again with their old friends QT and KB, but QT seems to have found a stuffed animal he has named Lucky that he carries with him everywhere. KB doesn’t seem to like this new companion very much, according to him it seems to bring them bad luck. However it seems that QT wants you to sing with the stuffed animal for fun, and that’s where this new confrontation begins.

bad luck qt

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As for the musical part of this MOD it is worth noting that it includes, in addition to a full week, two unlockable songs. A song that is unlocked after overcoming the story mode, and another final song that can be played when the previous one is finished, always from the Free to play mode. This is a fairly complete MOD also in the artistic part, for example, we can discover how the cinematics are advancing in the story as the confrontations happen.

At one point QT faints from combat and that’s when the battle against KB begins. Once we overcome these two opponents is when we can reach the meeting with Lucky to enjoy the new character in all its splendor. This MOD, as we mentioned, has been developed by a group of fans and is not from the creators of the original MOD, Hazard24 and CountNightshade, so we recommend previously playing the original MOD before moving to this new one.

New features of Bad Luck QT FNF MOD

  • 1 full week
  • 5 new songs
  • 1 new character “Lucky”
  • 2 new backgrounds
  • 2 new backgrounds

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week