FNF Accelerant Revenge (Accelerant Hank VS Tricky) – Download

Download FNF Accelerant Revenge – New update of the MOD Accelerant Hank for Friday Night Funkin’ which includes once again the most beloved characters of Madness Combat. This is a MOD that tells us a story of revenge featuring Hank, Tricky and the Auditor. Ready for a fast-paced game?

Accelerant Revenge FNF MOD

Accelerant Revenge FNF has a new song that covers the original song of the MOD, but this time we will have a confrontation between Hank and Tricky, with Tricky The Clown as a playable character. The quality of this song is spectacular no matter how much we listen to it, and its dizzying rhythm will make us be very attentive to the arrows.

Graphically, Accelerant Revenge offers a new custom background, which includes BF and the Auditor from Madness Combat as spectators. Sometimes the Auditor will appear shooting and BF eating a hot dog. We also have arrows with custom bullet design, and Hank’s incredible full speed animations. This is a MOD with a high level of quality, which maintains the essence of Accelerant Hank.

New features in Accelerant Revenge FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • New Song
  • New antagonist: Tricky The Clown
  • Custom Background
  • Custom startup screen
  • Custom Arrows

Download Accelerant Revenge for Friday Night Funkin

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