FNF Rich Vs Poor Pregnant (Pamination St) – Animation

Rich Vs Poor Pregnant – Girlfriend Vs Servente– New FNF animation created by Pamination St, which includes a very funny and creepy story in which Girlfriend and Sarvente from Fight Mid Mases (character from the MOD VS Sarvente) will be the main characters.

Rich Vs Poor Pregnant - Girlfriend Vs Servente-FNF Animations

This time, Pamination brings us a story in which we will find two pregnant women, one with a lot of purchasing power (Sarvente), while the other one is totally poor (BF). We will see how both have their respective babies and the economic difference will be noticed in what each pair of parents gives to their baby after birth. Later we will get to see a mini baby of BF and GF , which is quite naughty as well as muscular, and we will also see how they take care of it, all with a touch of humor.

Watch Rich VS Poor Pregnant Girlfriend Vs Servente FNF Animation


We will also feature familiar FNF characters such as Daddy and Mummy Dearest, the newborn’s grandparents. At the end of the animation we will enjoy a typical FNF rap battle between BoyFriend and Girlfriend, featuring special guests.