Rich Vs Poor Couple – Boyfriend VS Whitty – FNF Animation

Rich Vs Poor Couple – Boyfriend VS Whitty – New FNF animation created by GoroZina , which includes a new rich vs poor version, this time we will find the couple formed by BF and GF (poor couple), and the couple formed by Whitty and Carol (rich couple).

Rich Vs Poor Couple - Boyfriend VS Whitty FNF Animation

The story of Rich Vs Poor Couple begins with BF giving GF an engagement ring made from branches and leaves of a tree. That’s when the Whitty and Carol couple show up to laugh at them and show off a gold and diamond engagement ring. These then put on their sunglasses and go for a ride in their million-dollar car.

Watch Rich Vs Poor Couple (Boyfriend VS Whitty) FNF Animation

In this animation we will see a comparison between the life of the two couples, as Carol and Whitty are rich but they don’t enjoy as much as BF and GF being poor. While some go to a fancy restaurant but do not enjoy the food because Carol starts taking pictures for an hour to posture on social networks, BF and GF’s date takes place in a house where everything is much more modest, but romantic and entertaining. This story is complemented by a compilation of funny moments featuring numerous well-known FNF characters.