Friday Night Funkin’ Android Port – Download (APK)

FNF Android Port (Unofficial APK) is a new version of Friday Night Funkin’ for Android that includes all the features of the original PC version. In addition to this, this port of FNF for Android includes new features and options that allow us to enjoy the game on mobile in a more comfortable way.

FNF Android Port

This version of Friday Night Funkin’ Android Port only contains the songs and weeks that already exist in the original game. If you are looking for the best option (APK) to play FNF MODs on Android, without a doubt FNF Mobile is the best option.

The most remarkable thing about FNF Android Port in my opinion is that it includes each and every function of the original game, something that others have not achieved for now. It is recommended to use the “hitbox” mode to play this version, but everyone can feel comfortable with a different configuration.

Download FNF Android Port APK for Android

Link – Download